Citizen Assembly

Nairobi County Citizen Assembly Breakfast

Event TitleNairobi County Citizen Assembly Breakfast
DescriptionThe launch of the Nairobi Citizen Assemblies along with a discussion of the draft Social Assistance Fund Regulation which is being proposed by the National Treasury.

This draft regulation fulfills the Public Finance Management Act but also, more importantly, tries to address the provision of the Constitution of Kenya where in Article 43, it calls for state to provide appropriate social security to persons who are unable to support themselves and their dependants.
VenueCharter Hall, Nairobi CBD
Event TypeAssembly
Event Level7
Event DateSeptember 17, 2019
Event Status

National Convenors

National Values & Principles of Governance

The Foundation of the Republic of Kenya
"(1) Kenya is a sovereign Republic, and (2) The Republic of Kenya shall be a multi-party democratic State founded on the national values and principles of governance referred to in Article 10."
- Article 4 of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010